Facebook marks 10 years with a personal highlights video for every user

Facebook network map

A map of Facebook friendships around the world. Image: Facebook/Mark Zuckerburg.

Facebook is 10 years old to today, and to celebrate it is providing users with a short ‘look back’ video which chronicles your Facebook highlights, including most liked updates and photos.

Facebook Stories has also highlighted 10 stories about how the network has connected people and created an impact around the world, from two young women, identical twins adopted at birth and raised in Europe and America, who discovered each other through Facebook, to an American artist who used Facebook to collaborate with craftspeople in rural Kenya.

In a statement on Facebook — of course — founder Mark Zuckerberg said he had not expected when he first launched The Facebook that it would grow to become such a huge network, though he believed “someone should connect the whole world”.

“We just cared more about connecting the world than anyone else,” he added. “And we still do today.”