Collaborative fact checking platform FactCheckEU launches ahead of EU elections

A new collaborative fact-checking platform, launched last week, will test the veracity of EU politicians’ statements ahead of the European Parliament elections in May.

FactCheckEU allows users to upload statements from MEPs, verify these statements alongside the FactCheckEU team, and vote on their accuracy on a scale ranging from “true” to “insane whopper”. Users can also translate statements to allow greater access to the pronouncements of politicians from across the EU.

The website, which aims to become “an innovative experiment in collaborative journalism and a crowd-driven instrument for EU-wide accountability”, is run by NumbersEU, a Brussels-based non-profit organisation set up by Italian fact checking website PagellaPolitica, with funding from German philanthropic foundation Stiftung Mercator.

FactCheckEU aims to ensure that debate on European issues is rooted in fact rather than  personal or cultural assumptions, and has already rubbished a number of claims on subjects such as the EU’s influence on national legislation of member states, and the cost of corruption in Italy.

“FactcheckEU will strive to be a platform that promotes a collaborative and bottom-up approach to the European debate, rooted in numbers and facts rather than stereotypes and prejudices,” the organisation has said on its Facebook page.

The website can be searched by topic or by country via an interactive map. There are no statements from Irish MEPs on the site yet, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time. Can you think of any statements from Irish MEPs that could do with fact-checking? Let me know in the comments.