African elephants share their daily lives on Twitter as part of conservation project

Conservation charity Space for Giants is tweeting the daily exploits of four African elephants in Laikipia in central Kenya in a bid to raise awareness of the plight of the world’s largest land animals.

The charity has attached GPS collars to four bull elephants — older bulls Evgeny and Kimani, and their young counterparts Carlos and Tyson — and is tweeting insights into their daily lives.



The charity has also teamed up with The Independent to raise awareness of elephant conservation efforts in Africa, by protecting the animals and their habitat, and worldwide by impeding the international trade in ivory.

The elephants being tracked in Laikipia are part of one of the last free ranging elephant populations in Africa. Space for Giants is working to reduce the number of elephants being illegally killed in the area.

You can follow the elephants’ adventures via Space for Giants’ Twitter account and the hashtag #ElephantsLive.