Mars One Way: Meet the people who want a one-way ticket to Mars

Mars One is a private enterprise which aims to establish a permanent human settlement on Mars, with selected candidates departing for the Red Planet in crews of four every two years from 2024 onwards.

The prospect of leaving Earth forever has been surprisingly popular, with some 200,000 people applying for the chance to start a new life on Mars. Mars One has whittled this down to a shortlist of 1,058 people, with further phases of the selection process expected to take place over the next two years.

Right now, the technology exists for people to travel to Mars; however, there is no way to bring them home again, so candidates are contemplating a permanent, irreversible move to another planet.

Mars One Way looks at some of those shortlisted, and follows them as they explain their interest in the project and come to terms with the possibility of leaving their lives on Earth forever, to start a new life on Mars.