‘Salthill’ water skiing photo was not taken in Galway this weekend

Waterskiing car

Not Salthill, not this weekend.

A photo of a man water skiing behind a car has been doing the rounds on social media this weekend, allegedly depicting a scene from flooded Salthill, Galway in recent days. However the photo is not new  it was also shared prolifically last December, particularly on Chinese sites.

This site published the image on December 9, claiming it was taken in Denmark. Others have suggested the incident took place in England.

While I have not been able to track down the original photo — Tineye could not find any copies of it — this image was clearly not taken in Salthill during the last few days. Not only does it not resemble any area of Salthill — flooding notwithstanding — it has also been online for almost a month.

If you spot any dubious photos online, let me know and I will try to establish whether they are genuine or not.