The human cost of Typhoon Haiyan, and how you can help

Hiayan snapshotA snapshot by Reliefweb of the humanitarian situation in the Philippines reveals that the superstorm has affected 11.3 million people, with 660,000 forced to flee. A total of 41,000 homes have been destroyed.

Dochas, the umbrella organisation that represents 51 Irish aid agencies, is asking people to consult its website for information on how best to help those affected.

“Disasters such as the typhoon in the Philippines often occur when people least expect them,” said Hans Zomer, director of Dóchas. “We have seen what damage storms can do to communities here, so we can imagine the damage of this superstorm to communities with fewer safety nets to fall back on. Over the years, the Irish people have shown that they understand that when such disasters strike, immediate action is needed to save lives. But sometimes people’s wish to act swiftly interferes with the need to act effectively.”

“This website sets out the principles of good emergency relief, and the many ways in which members of the public can assist the Irish aid agencies to do their work,” he added.